I do not plan

I do not plan I also asked a question, whether I belong to Wendy five years as to too small child.

I do not plan to have more children, and, probably, on it to me likes to concern to her so.

At the end ends, it my child.

The more I thought of it, the I am more realized that Kate most likely is offended.

It from seemed to take away home Wendy from the summer children's does not want to read a garden to it any more.

Besides, I understood that at the age of Wendy Keith there was more could do stoyatelny such things more, which Wendy still is not able for example, to pour to itself milk.

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To carry

To carry To raise a direct foot, a move to take away it back, again forward, to return to nominative.

To carry out exercise, alternating moves right and left feet.

Nominative feet separately, hands behind the head.

To make inclinations to the right and to the left, at the same time raising hands exhalation, nominative up a breath.

Nominative feet separately, a hoop lies ahead.

To bend, take a hoop in hands exhaled, to become straight, hands with a hoop ahead breath, to bend, to put a hoop ahead on a floor exhalation, to become straight breath.

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Simple words

Simple words Respect others will give nothing, if the child not understands that means to respect.

Simple words and examples, in what the respect for another is shown, will bring much pain she plodov.

That the child grew the happy We read fairy tales together Carol Munro, director of elementary school We have kakoyto the dominating culture, no our pupils speak kh different languages.

In this situation it is necessary for us kakto to find mutual understanding, kakto to get on the friend about Wad Dra gy and to understand, what behavior from us is waited and why.

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It is rather

It is rather It is rather everything, you should be helped yet not once the pallet to the child to find a place of pronouncing a sound until it remembers it.

When the child says a sound unmistakably, tell him, what sound he utters.

Further let the child says syllables with other vowels he can repeat them after you.

If at your child mobility of speech bodies is broken, at first deliver it a sound to the fourth way, and after that a sound x in the SECOND WAY.



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Your acquaintance

Your acquaintance Yours the guest speaks: You are the excellent cook!

Your internal reaction: Situation You just took off a sweater and jeans also changed clothes in a new suit to go to the important I will meet.

Your acquaintance approaches you, inspects you and go cooks to you: You always so beautifully put on!

Your internal reaction: Situation You go to courses.

After the brisk discussion in which you took part, to you under one of listeners goes and speaks: You have a brilliant mind!

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